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Your Roof Top Water-stop

Family owned and operated.


At DAL Roofing we are committed to establishing a long term relationship with our customers. That's why we offer a Free 2 Year maintenance package for all New and Re-roofing projects!


We strive to create trust by providing each customer with friendly, honest service and exceptional workmanship. We are always available for all of your Roofing and Home Exterior needs.

Trained Professionals

All of our team members here at DAL Roofing are trained to the highest standards. With ongoing annual training. We continually review all industry standards, OHS, and education on all new and existing products.



Everyday exposure to the elements, and other wear and tear slowly ages the roof membrane until the service life ends. Every year you get out of your roof is money saved! What benefits is there in spending money every year on your roof? It's proven that a roof that is not regularly maintained will only last about half it's expected service life.

You should have your roof inspected at least twice a year. Almost all manufacturers of roofing materials state specifically their warranty is void if the roof is not maintained. At DAL Roofing we offer a FREE 2 year maintenance program for all New and Re-roof projects. A minimum total value of $600.00. Call for details


An important benefit of working with a licensed and accredited roofer is that they are required to carry insurance. This protects you (the home owner) against being liable for any costs should a worker damage your property or become injured on the job.

DAL Roofing has an A+ rating with BBB.



Dwayne is the Co-Founder of DAL Roofing. He began roofing with his father at the early age of 14. Over the years Dwayne has learned that nothing surpasses quality workmanship from honest, reliable, and trustworthy professionals. Dwayne is the primary roofing contractor. He will oversee each project from start to finish. Ensuring customer Satisfaction!


Lesley is responsible for all of the behind the scene projects. She handles accounting, Sales, Customer relations, and Marketing. Lesley has over 20 years experience in sales, management, marketing and customer relations.

Administrative Assistant

This position is currently not filled. But the person stepping into this position will possess exceptional organizational skills, fluent in office 360. Strong communication skills. Outgoing, Energetic and enthusiastic personality.


Has been with DAL Roofing for 3 years. Adam has become a huge and integral part of our team. Adam is also responsible for job site safety.

Roof Inspection And Estimates

Home Exteriors


Roof Maintenance Program


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Testimonial from our client

"I couldn't get the company that replaced my roof to come and fix the leak caused by poor workmanship. Dwayne from DAL Roofing came made the repairs, and offered one free maintenance visit . I highly recommend DAL Roofing"

Anna L ( South Calgary)


A Letter from Joanne

Hi Everyone, I want to share my dear friend Joanne and her husband Tom’s story. This wasn’t an easy letter for Joanne to write, but without sharing their story someone who might be interested in helping won’t have the opportunity, and each day that goes by is critical. Joanne lives every day trying to help and enrich the lives of everyone she meets, here’s Joanne’s letter!  

Dear friends

Some of you know that my husband Tom has been suffering from Chrones Disease for the past 28 years. Tom has had many surgeries over the years, and suffers from dehydration. This has taken a major toll on Tom’s Kidney’s.

Last March Tom’s Kidney’s basically shut down; he was hospitalized for three weeks to get him stabilized again. We were then told that Tom would have to go on dialysis a minimum of three times per week, until he can find a kidney donor.

Tom has always been a very active hunter outdoors-man. We would always go camping for weeks at a time. He also loved to go quadding all of which he can no longer do. Tom also has a taxidermy business which he absolutely loves, as it puts him in contact with other hunters and outdoors-men.

Life has very much changed for Tom and myself. Camping and any outdoor activities are nearly impossible. Tom has become extremely weak and still has more surgeries coming up. I work full time and am also Tom’s caregiver.

With Tom’s current condition we have technically three options for treatment:

Dialysis which we are currently doing. With dialysis it is not a cure, it is also physically exhausting, treatments scheduled 3 times per week lasting six hours each treatment. The average life expectancy of someone on dialysis is generally five years. Tom started dialysis April 2018.

The second option is a kidney from a deceased donor. This option has a wait time of 5-8 years. We don’t have that much time! The third option being a kidney from a live donor. This option has the best chance for taking and lasting longer for the patient.

We are hoping to find a kidney from a living donor. If you or anyone you may know is interested in helping, I have included how you can help at the end of my letter.

Thank you From the bottom of my heart

Joanne And Tom

Interested donors need to be healthy to donate a kidney. They will not accept anyone with the following: high blood pressure, cancer, or diabetes.

Donors need to be tested by the transplant team, and will require approximately 4 visits to the University Hospital at Foothills medical center in Calgary.

Anyone interested in being a donor please call 403-944-4635 and specify that you are being tested for Thomas William Burdon. This is all done anonymously. Please look up on the internet “kidney transplant my Alberta health” or click the picture above for more info.                                                                                                                                               Thank you !